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Precision Machining 4.0

Digital-to-Physical lean manufacturing

of mission critical components


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are precision, quality and innovation essential?

Semiconductor Automation

when precision is essential, 
the world’s top semiconductor equipment, industrial, and robotic automation OEMs choose PACON

Space and Defense

when quality is essential, 
the most advanced defense primes and
US government agencies depend on PACON

Life Sciences

when innovation is essential, 
the most ground-breaking life science OEMs
break-ground with PACON

are collaboration, innovation, and passion 

Be essential and discover Precision Machining 4.0, lean manufacturing 
with the most advanced CNC machining & inspection systems

Our Team

Precision Machining 4.0


innovation essential for precision & quality

Precision Machining 4.0 achieves Digital-to-Physical manufacturing through our operationally comprehensive implementation of lean manufacturing principles with Industry 4.0 technologies to produce lower cost, quality precision machined components for both prototype and production.


Precision Machining 4.0 seeks a seamless interconnection of Digital-to-Physical manufacturing: physical components produced and verified from a customer’s digital files with PACON’s Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Numerically Controlled (NC) toolpath simulation, agile production automation, autonomous inspection, and value chain integration for the highest total value delivered to our customer. 


For more information on PACON and Precision Machining 4.0, request our capabilities brochure.

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